Song of the Heart

     I was brought up in a loving home with good moral values, under the preaching of the truth of God's Word. Throughout my life the Lord, in His mercy, kept me from going into gross outward sins. But when He began to deal with my heart He showed me this was nothing more than a painted sepulcher with dead bones within. I knew I had to seek salvation through an inward work of the Holy Spirit, convicting me of my sinful nature and granting me repentance and mercy.

     The Lord began moving upon my heart in the fall of 1985, causing me to think seriously about where I would spend eternity and gave me grace to become earnest in seeking Him. He opened my eyes to see that all apart from knowing Him was vanity. I began searching His Word (the Bible) looking for comfort and peace. All I could see was my distance and alienation from God. I saw that I had no true love for the Lord; that I wanted my own way, not His; that I was living my life for my own self. But the Lord had now put a hunger and thirst in my heart after Himself. Oh, just to know Christ, to have His righteousness cover my sinfulness. I longed after Him my heart ached after Him as one mourns for their first born. "Where can I find Him whom my soul loveth." He brought me to the point where I wanted Him above everything else; I was willing to give up all just to know Him. I searched His Word day and night and it was there that He revealed Himself to my heart. He became mine! and I was now His! What rest and peace; what satisfaction came to my heart; what a cleansing and covering for my unrighteousness.

     How precious Christ is to my heart now and what a joy it is to walk with Him down life's pathway. He has brought me through many deep valleys and taught me many hard lessons. I fail Him many times and have to come back to His feet in repentance. But what comfort it is to know that He loves me and in His appointed time I will, as the song says, "drop this vail of flesh and rise to meet Him in the everlasting skies."

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"It is good for me that I have been afflicted"

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