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(To be honest - these are not my roses!
But I did finally get some of my own!)

    Around the web I am known as Hartpsalm. I am 49 years old and happily married to a wonderful husband for over 30 years. We never had any children although we would have liked to very much, but the Lord gave us contentment in knowing that He knew what was best for us. I have had many health problems throughout my life and now live with chronic pain.

    I have been unable to work for the last few years, but now do some computer work at home. Previously I had been employed by our church doing pre-press work (from typesetting to printing press). The church publishes a monthly magazine called the "Voice of Truth" with a circulation of about 6000 copies. We also keep approximately 300 titles of message booklets in stock for free distribution. All work is done in-house by just a few workers. You will find a lot of good online reading at the Radio Missions web site.

    For about 15 years I was the pianist for our church which has live and pre-recorded broadcasts on more than 40 radio stations around the United States. All of the church services can also be heard live over the internet from the RadioMissions.org website.

  Besides the piano, I enjoy sewing, crocheting, and web site design! I also grow roses. It takes a little work but has beautiful rewards. I have about 10 rose bushes across the front of my house. Roses bloom all summer and it really lifts my spirits to have a bouquet in the house, or walk out the front door and see my "friends". When the petals start to fall a bouquet, I gather them up and put them in a basket till they dry. That way I can enjoy their pretty color and fragrance even longer!

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